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Best Stroller Uppa Baby Cruz

Uppa Baby Cruz Stroller

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My husband and I often say Uppa Baby stroller is one of the best investment we have made so far out of all the baby products we bought. I use this stroller everyday and am very happy with it. When I went shopping for a stroller, I was very overwhelmed with the choices I had and I wasn’t sure what to look for. However, once I looked around, I started to get a feel for what I want in a stroller.

I wanted a stroller that is compact so that it is not so bulky when walking around. I wanted a light stroller that folds easily in case I had to fold it myself when my husband was not around. I also wanted a big  compartment in the bottom so I can put stuff in there instead of carrying a cart when I go grocery shopping. I wanted a stroller that is easy to use, nothing complicated at all.

Uppa Baby Cruz is a good looking stroller. There are 8 colors to choose from. Cruz has a compact stroller frame so it doesn’t feel like you are carrying something really bulky. It rolls nice with wheels and feels light to travel with it. I wanted to be able to bring a stroller into the restaurant sometimes so my baby can sit in there while we are eating. I would probably go grocery shopping often too with a baby so I didn’t want a stroller that feels too bulky to place or move around. Uppa Baby Cruz feels light (22 lbs) and compact compared to other strollers out there.

It has a adjustable canopy with a peek-a-boo window. The canopy also has extendable UPF 50+ sunshade which I use so much and love during sunny days. The stroller comes with a seat which you can use starting around baby’s 6 months. The seat can be placed both baby facing out or facing in towards you. I wanted my baby to face me while sitting for a few months so this feature was very important to me.  The seat is pretty easy to put baby in/out and harness is easy to use as well. The good thing about this seat is it has a leg rest. You can adjust the leg rest so that baby can sit in the seat without it or put it up so that she can stretch her legs out and rest her legs. When you are going for a longer walk, this is a very useful feature because baby can change her leg position and rest her legs. The seat also has a bumper bar across so you can hang toys for your baby to grasp and play. In addition, the seat reclines 180 and has a 4 recline options. The recline is adjustable with one hand.

In the bottom of the stroller, the basket is pretty big so you can go grocery shopping and use the basket as a shopping cart. It can hold up to 30 lbs. My husband and I also used it plenty of times when we had to carry stuff from the car to our house.  Putting the stroller on a break is also pretty easy. Just put your foot on top of the break lever and push the lip downward with your foot. Push it upward when you unlock. The length of the handle can be expanded by just a push of a button. Everything is simple and easy to use. I also wanted a stroller that can be folded very easily without much effort. The stroller can be folded in one step with or without the seat attached.

Uppa Baby Cruz Best Compact Stroller

Uppa Baby Cruz – Best Compact Stroller

The only thing that I wished that this stroller had was bigger wheels.  Uppa Baby Cruz has shock absorbing tires that won’t go flat. Its AirGo patent-pending wheels are like the cushioned ride of an air-filled tire with the lightweight benefit of foam.  However, I find the wheels a little small compared to wheels of other comparable strollers such as Stokke Scoot or Nuna Mixx. They are also not as big as the wheels of Vista (another Uppa baby stroller that is awesome. You can transport second and third child with Vista. If you are having another baby in near future, consider a stroller that can turn into a double stroller later like Vista. When I was shopping for a Cruz, several moms came up to me, recommended Vista and told me how much they love it.). Cruz has smaller wheels and is more for walking on the sidewalks, in the park or in the mall. It is awesome for walking around the city. However, if you often walk on gravel or bumpy road, it may damage the wheels faster. If you need a heavy-duty stroller that can handle rough surfaces, take a look at Uppa baby Vista or jogging strollers that has larger wheels.

Rain shield and bug shield is included with this stroller. Rain shield is awesome. I have used it many times when it rained and it  covered the rain well.  For the car seat, you can buy Uppa Baby Mesa car seat which will fit to the stroller perfectly without any adapter. If you dont want to go with Uppa Baby Mesa car seat, you can buy an adapter for Chicco, Maxi-Cosi, or Graco Classic to use with Cruz.

Uppa Baby stroller is a very good stroller and I am very happy with it. It has all the features that I was looking for and is very easy to use. Although I wished that its wheels were bigger, I don’t usually go to the places with rough surface so I am okay with them.  If you are looking for a compact stroller that can go through narrow aisles or along crowded city sidewalks, Cruz is it.


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