My Baby At 4 to 6 Months

Baby Developmental Milestones Sitting Up

Baby’s Developmental Milestones Sitting Up

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4 -6 months was probably one of the hardest months for me. Babies can hold their head steady at 3 months but they can not sit up by themselves usually until 6 months (some babies may sit up earlier or later). My baby during this period, wanted to be held facing outward only all the time. (also being walked around, not staying at one spot! ) She didn’t want to stay lying down for a long time. She yelled if she was lying down for too long. She complained until I held her facing outward and walked around. I think she really enjoyed checking things out while I was walking around the house with her in my arms. She was getting bigger and I wasn’t used to holding her weight everyday. So I went through a lot of physical pain from holding her and walking around all the time. I couldn’t find anything that can help me with holding young infant facing outward. (Why didn’t I know about MiaMily Hipster Plus baby carrier? I wish I had this carrier then!) During this period, I basically placed her in the play pen, bed, play mat or baby seat and showed her books or toys. Sometimes, she would lay down in the play gym and look at the hanging toys or lay on her stomach to do tummy time. I just rotated these places for play time so that I didn’t have to spend all my time walking around holding her.

Starting around 4 months or so, she started teething. So I bought several kinds of teething toys and gave them to her. It was great because she would spend quite some time munching on these toys. She could also reach and grab objects better and better  so she spent some time playing with toys lying down. Then one day, she started to roll over and then at 6 months, she was sitting up.
Her progress made my life a lot easier since I didn’t have to carry her around all the time.  Finally, there was a light at the end of the tunnel! She simply sat and played with many different toys. She was really interested in variety of toys that I introduced and showed her. I just needed a set of toys to give them to her.

Another milestone at 6 month was starting solid food. Starting solids was fun. It was fun to see my baby’s reaction after tasting solid food. She saw me eating plenty of times earlier so she was quite ready to taste solid food when she started. She was very curious and eager to try solid food and when she tried it, she liked it!  She didn’t eat much though in the beginning but I was patient. I tried to create a positive feeding experience for her with no pressure. Therefore, I wasn’t focused on how much she ate. In the beginning, I just considered the feeding session as a tasting session for my baby to see if she liked certain taste or not. Feeding time was also great time to interact with my baby. She also like playing with toys in the high chair. It was awesome that she could sit up and play other than just laying down or being carried around. At my baby’s 6 months, I realized that babies are constantly growing and developing so any challenge too shall pass and get better eventually. Now that I look back at the time when she always wanted to be held and walked around, I am glad I had a chance to hug and hold my baby as much as I did.


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