0 to 3 Month Baby Milestones

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black_and_white_baby_booksBaby Milestones: Following Sounds And Objects

When baby is born, she can only see black and white color in the beginning. Then by 3 months, her vision improves and she will be able to see colors. Baby can only see 8 to 12 inches from her eyes at first 3 months. She will also respond to sounds.

During this period, baby’s brain is working hard to help baby with her vision and hearing.  You can stimulate baby’s visual and hearing senses with the items listed below. However, be sure not to overstimulate baby at this stage. If baby looks away, that could mean baby is feeling overstimulated.

Things That Can Help

  • Baby Mobiles
  • High Contrast Baby Books
  • Rattle Toys



Baby Milestones: Smiling And Laughing

At around 2 to 3 months, baby will smile for the first time.  Her real smile will probably come from responding to mom or dad. Make your baby smile by smiling, talking, being silly to your baby. Then at around 3 to 4 months, you will hear baby’s first laugh. Encourage your baby to laugh by making funny faces or noises to your baby. Gentle touch or tickles can encourage your baby to smile or laugh as well. Capture these precious moments with your camera. Babies do grow up fast and when you look back at these moments with these photos, it will make you smile.



Baby Milestones: Making Sounds (Gurgling and Cooing)

At about 6 weeks to 3 months, baby will make her first sound, make vowel sounds, coo and gurgle. In addition to crying and smiling (or laughing), cooing and gurgling will be baby’s form of communication. Baby will discover her sounds and experiment with them.

During this time, you can encourage her to practice her sounds by talking, singing and reading to her. You can simply describe what you are doing or seeing, asking and answering questions or even copying the sound your baby is making. You can sing nursery rhymes or read a a story from a baby book. If she makes a sound, give her attention and respond back to her.

Things That Can Help

  • Soft baby books
  • Baby nursery rhymes



Baby Milestones: Recognize Your Scent, Voice And Face

Baby will recognize you by your scent and voice. You may notice your baby turn head when you are talking. You will also find your baby staring at your face for a long time to observe you. Then later, she will recognize your face as well. It could be overwhelming for a baby to adjust to the world after coming out of the peaceful, cozy womb. Familiar scent and voice will be comforting to her. Help your baby feel close and secure by keeping her close to you. Give her plenty of opportunities to smell your scent, observe your face and hear your voice.

Things That Can Help

  • Baby carriers
  • Rocking Chairs/ Gliders



Baby Milestones: Holding Head Steady

At around 3 – 4 months, baby can hold her head steady.  First, she will be able to lift her head briefly, then in 2nd month, she will lift her head 45 degrees, then at around 3 – 4 months, she will lift her head 90 degrees.  You can have your baby practice tummy time every day to strengthen her muscles. Many babies don’t like tummy time but you can encourage her to do little by little.  You can help your baby do tummy time with tummy time pillows if she is having a hard time. You can also engage your baby with toys when she is doing tummy time. Holding a head is just the first step towards sitting. Believe it or not, but it will happen very quickly. Next thing you know, you will be choosing the best high chair for your baby. 


Things That May Help

  • Tummy time pillows​
  • Play gyms



Baby Milestones: Grasping Objects

Baby will start developing grasping skills by 3 months. In the beginning, she won’t be able to hold the object well and will simply hold an object for a short time. You can give her a soft toy or security blanket to grasp. With practice and time, she will get better each month. Encourage her efforts to grab toys by putting a toy in front of her to reach. You can also hang toys above her when she is lying down. She will develop reaching and grabbing skills at around 4 -6 months.

Things That May Help

  • Loveys or Security blankets
  • Organic/ Non-toxic toys


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