Non-Toxic Bath Toys – Natural Rubber As A Safe Alternative To Plastics

Non-Toxic Bath Toys

Natural rubber is a safe alternative to PVC for bath toys.

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My daughter really loves taking a bath and enjoys playing with bath toys during bath time.  So I always give her bath toys when she takes a bath. However, are bath toys safe? I didn’t think much of them in the beginning but started to wonder if I should be looking for non-toxic bath toys. Through researching bath toys, I realized that many bath toys are made from unsafe materials and they can be toxic to baby. Many bath toys are made of PVC material. (Polyvinyl chloride or also known as vinyl)  PVC leaches harmful chemicals including phthalates into the air from the product. Then baby can breathe in toxic chemicals in the air or absorb toxic chemicals through skin contact.  My baby playing in the water with toxic chemicals is not a picture I want to imagine. So then, what non-toxic bath toys are available?

First, there are toys made of 100% natural rubber. Bath toys made from 100% natural rubber are non-toxic. Natural rubber is made from latex, rubber milk produced by Hevea Brasiliensis trees. These trees can be sustainably harvested without the use of herbicides. When sustainably harvested, the trees are never chopped down; their sap/milk is simply harvested from the living tree. Natural rubber is a renewable material and also biodegradable. It is pvc/ vinyl free, phthalate free, lead free, petroleum free and heavy metal free. It is the safest non-toxic material for bath toys. (unless baby is allergic to rubber)

Second, there are bath toys made from safer plastics such as polyethylene polymers, polypropylene, and biobased plastics. These are often labelled as pvc-free, phthalate-free, bpa free. However, they are still plastics and can still have harmful chemicals in them. For example, polypropylene is #5 plastic which is a low-toxin plastic that is tolerant of heat.  However, one study found that it leached at least two chemicals. (read more about polypropylene leaching chemicals.) Also, University of Texas published the study and confirmed that almost all plastics, even BPA-free plastics leach hormone-disrupting chemicals. Even bioplastics (plastics made from plants) can have additives that are toxic. Just because plastics is made from corn or sugar cane doesn’t mean it is safe. If toxic additives are added to a bioplastic(read more about bioplastics.), it will still be called bioplastic but will be unsafe for babies. Therefore, I would just choose natural rubber bath toys over these plastic ones.


Non-Toxic Bath Toy - CaaOcho Ocean Mele the Sea Turtle Natural Rubber Bath Toy

CaaOcho Ocean Mele the Sea Turtle Natural Rubber Bath Toy


Although I am sure that safer plastic materials such as polyethylene polymers, polypropylene and bioplastics don’t have pvc, phthalate or bpa in it, I feel there is still some risks. When there are non-toxic natural rubber bath toys available, why buy plastic bath toys? However, if you want to choose the plastic bath toys,  choose the safer plastic ones that are pvc-free, phthalate-free and bpa-free. Boon is a popular company that has wide rage of bath toys. Although not all products are pvc-free, phthalate-free and bpa free, some of their toys are. Also, Green toys is another company that carries pvc-free, phthalate-free, bpa-free bath toys.

There are also some bath toys made from phthalate-free pvc. However, pvc contains other toxic chemicals other than phthalates so I would avoid pvc material entirely whether it is phthalate-free or not. I would just go for the natural rubber bath toys.

When you get non-toxic bath toys, also consider whether you want bath toys with holes or not.  Many bath toys have holes in them for baby to squeak the toy or squirt water. Babies love squirting water out of the bath toys, however, those bath toys with holes are very hard to clean. The water gets trapped inside, then the moisture inside of the hole will grow bacteria and harbor mold. That would not be sanitary for baby. Every time baby takes a bath with those toys, there will be bacteria floating in water. (read more about Bathtub bacteria) Also, I won’t know if there is mold inside of the toys unless I cut the toys open. Therefore, I would look for bath toys that are hermetically sealed and have no holes so moisture can not get into the toys.

Take a look at natural rubber non-toxic bath toys below. My choice would be non-toxic bath toys made from 100% natural rubber and have no holes in the toys.


Non-Toxic Natural Rubber Bath Toys


CaaOcho Ocean Natural Rubber Non-Toxic Bath Toys

CaaOcho Ocean Natural Rubber Non-Toxic Bath Toys are made of 100% Pure Natural Rubber and they are certified non-toxic. They use food-grade paint which is also safe. Their hermetically sealed design (No holes) prevents the accumulation of bacteria, mould and dirt. These toys are designed in Canada.






Hevea Natural Rubber Non-Toxic Bath Toys

Hevea Natural Rubber Non-Toxic Bath Toys are made of 100% natural rubber. They have no PVC, no BPA, no Phthalates or artificial colors. They also have no holes for water to get into and prevent molding. The  Hevea Natural Rubber Duck Kawan Mini is hand-painted with natural pigments.

Non-Toxic Bath Toys Hevea Bath Toy Set

Non-Toxic Bath Toy – Hevea Pond Bath Toy Set

Non-Toxic Bath Toy Hevea Natural Rubber Fred The Frog

Non-Toxic Bath Toy – Hevea Natural Rubber Fred The Frog


Vulli Natural Rubber Sophie The Giraffe Non-Toxic Bath Toy

Sophie The Giraffe natural rubber non-toxic bath toy is made of 100% natural rubber and food grade paint. Vulli Sophie The  Giraffe Bath Toy is a floating, squirting toy so it has a hole. She squirts water when squeezed.



Lanco Natural Rubber Non-Toxic Bath Toys

Lanco natural rubber non-toxic bath toys are made of 100% natural rubber and hand painted with non toxic paints. They are PVC, BPA and phthalate free. They are made in Spain. Lanco Original Rubber Duck Sitting Bundled With Natural Rubber Whale Bath Toy and Lanco Natural Rubber Bath Toy Seahorse have holes and gently squeak.




Rich Frog Natural Rubber Non-Toxic Bath Toys

Rich Frog Love Rubber Duck Children Bath Toys are made of all natural rubber and hand painted using natural dye paints. The bath toys below have holes in the toys for squirting water or squeaking.



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