Ergobaby 360 Carrier Review – Is It Worth Buying Ergobaby 360 Carrier?

Ergo Baby 360 Carrier

Ergo Baby All Position 360 Carrier

I am not associated with Ergobaby company. I purchased a Ergobaby 360 Carrier on my own and was not sponsored by Ergobaby to write this review. This review is my honest experience and opinion. This review contains affiliated links. That means I will get a commission if you click the link and buy the item (but at no extra cost to you). Your support helps my work in bringing you useful information about baby products. Thank you!



About Ergobaby 360 Carrier And Infant Insert

Ergobaby is one of the leading baby carrier brand. They have four different models: Original, 360, Adapt and Omni 360. (You can also choose cotton, organic cotton, cool air mesh fabric.) The main difference between four of them is facing forward feature and needs for an infant insert. Only Ergobaby 360 and Omni 360 have a forward facing feature for the baby. Adapt and Omni 360 do not need an infant insert like Original and 360 do. 360 model is actually called Ergobaby All Position 360. Many parents choose this model for facing forward feature.

You can use Ergobaby from newborn to toddler. However, as I mentioned before, Ergobaby 360 model needs an infant insert for babies 0 to 4 months (7 -12 lbs). You can purchase an infant insert separately or you can buy Ergobaby 360 Bundle of Joy which has a carrier and an infant insert included.  I bought a Bundle of Joy, however, I didn’t really start using the baby carrier until my daughter was 5 months old. I tried to use the baby carrier a few times with an infant insert when my daughter was 2 to 3 months old. However, I just didn’t feel comfortable carrying her that young in the carrier. I just felt she wasn’t stable enough yet to be sitting upright for a period of time. Many moms like wrap baby carriers such as Moby or Boba wrap for newborns and like Ergobaby after the newborn period. If you plan to use Ergobaby carrier at 5 months, keep in mind your baby may still need an infant insert. Infant insert comes with an insert and a seat portion to put in the carrier. You may not need an insert part but may need a seat part since baby is usually too short to sit in the carrier at 0-5 months. My daughter still needed a seat inserted to be carried in the carrier at her 5 months. Then at 6 months, she didn’t need the seat inserted any more.


Pros Of ErgoBaby 360 Carrier

Ergonomic Seat To Prevent Hip Dysplasia

For me, one of the ultimate reasons to buy Ergo Baby 360 was its ergonomic seat. Ergo baby seat supports baby in an ergonomic natural ‘M’ position in all carry positions. With Ergo Baby, baby can ‘sit’ in the carrier rather than ‘hang’.  If baby is ‘hanging’ in the carrier rather than ‘sitting’, a lot of pressure goes to the hip joint to cause hip dysplasia. Babies are especially vulnerable for hip dysplasia in their first 6 months. 360 carrier was acknowledged as hip healthy product by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. (read more here)

However, when my daughter was about 12 months old, I noticed that her legs were not positioned in ‘M’ position any more. She was still in a sitting position but her legs were hanging downward more since she was getting taller and getting heavier.  However, I think she still feels comfortable in the carrier because she still loves it whenever I carry her facing forward. She hasn’t complained being in the carrier so far. Ergobaby says this carrier can be used up to 33 lbs. (My daughter is 22 lbs now.)


Forward Facing Feature

Another reason that I bought ErgoBaby is ErgoBaby’s forward facing feature. When I was deciding a baby carrier, I wanted facing out feature in case baby likes to face forward. Starting 3 and half months, my daughter ONLY wanted to be held facing forward, she didn’t like facing in at all. The only problem was you can use facing out feature at 5 months and on. So I had to carry her without the baby carrier. However, starting 5 months, I could carry her facing out in the carrier. Now my daughter is 13 months and I am still using facing out position. Facing out feature worked so great for us and I don’t know what I would have done without this feature. This baby carrier also has hip carry and back carry positions.


Distribution Of Baby’s Weight

Ergobaby All Position 360 carrier is pretty sturdy. It has a strong velcro wrap around waist-belt and padded adjustable straps. When baby is in the carrier, the carrier’s design evenly distributes baby’s weight so I can carry her easily. The adjustable, padded shoulder straps reduces strain on shoulders and back. The waist-belt is very strong and sturdy to hold baby’s weight.


Cons of Ergobaby 360 Carrier

A Little Bit Of Bulky Design

Despite the comfort and support Ergobaby 360 carrier provides for me and the baby, I find this carrier somewhat bulky to bring it when we go out. The waist belt is big and some parts of the baby carrier are padded.


Difficult To Fasten In The Back

My husband and I thought it is kind of difficult to fasten in the back. My husband can not fasten the back on his own due to his bigger body frame. He can’t reach the back with his two hands. I have been able to fasten the back on my own with no problem. However, I find that it is getting more difficult to fasten on my own as my daughter gets bigger. I wish that fastening the carrier in the back was a little easier.


No Pocket For  Keys

Ergobaby 360 carrier comes with a baby privacy hood (UPF 50+). The baby privacy hood is placed in the little pocket with a zipper. This is the only pocket that comes with this baby carrier. This pocket is very small, just barely fitting the folded baby privacy hood. Sometimes when I carry my daughter, I don’t want to carry any purse or wallet. I wish there was a little pocket that I can put essential personal items such as money, credit card or keys.



For me, Ergobaby 360 carrier is worth the money. It costs more than Ergobaby Original or Adapt model. Also there are other baby carriers out there that are less expensive. However, the strong support design and forward facing feature of Ergobaby 360 carrier have helped me tremendously.  I don’t know what I would have done without this baby carrier. Although there are somethings that I wish that were different, the advantages outweigh wish list a lot more. I would definitely recommend Ergobaby 360 carrier.


[Update Oct.20, 2018] I used Ergobaby 360 carrier when my baby was one year and 8 month old. I simply stopped using a baby carrier since she was getting too heavy and big to carry. I would say the Ergobaby 360 carrier had been great, it provided great support even when my baby was at 27 lbs. I was also able to sell the Ergobaby 360 in the second hand baby market for almost at  half price I purchased. It was very popular among moms!


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