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Non-Toxic Cremehaus Play Mats

Non-Toxic Cremehaus Play Mats

Non-Toxic CremeHaus Play Mat

Black Friday Sale! 15% off on all orders!

Many play mats for baby and toddlers are made of EVA foams. Although EVA foam mats are inexpensive, EVA foam is a toxic material. EVA foam is found to off-gas formamide which is toxic. Formamide is a known carcinogenic chemical. It can be absorbed into the body by inhalation of its fumes but also through the skin and by ingestion. It can damage central nervous system or reproductive health. Therefore, EVA foam mats are not safe for babies and toddlers.

Cremehaus makes non-toxic play mats that are safe for babies and toddlers. They have folding play mats, module play mats, Teepee play mats and Bumper play mats in their product line. Their mats are made of USDA certified bio-based PU leather and extra thick non-toxic food-grade PE foam.  Bumper mats are made of Recyclable Foam with 100% Cotton. The play mats are also very thick so they protect babies and toddlers when they fall.

Cremehaus is having a Black Friday sale! You can get 15% off on all of your orders plus free shipping. Get more info on Cremehaus non-toxic play mats or get a 15% off coupon code today!

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Cremehaus Non-Toxic Play Mat

Non-Toxic Folding Play Mat

Non-Toxic Holiday Gift - Cremehaus Module Play Mat

Non-Toxic Module Play Mat









Non-Toxic Holiday Gift - Cremehaus Bumper Mat

Non-Toxic Bumper Mat

Non-Toxic Holiday Gift - Cremehaus Transformable Play Mat

Non-Toxic Transformable Play Mat









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