Non Toxic Sofa Guide – Which Sofa Brand Is Non Toxic?

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Non toxic sofa

A truly non toxic sofa uses non toxic or organic  materials for all parts of a sofa.


Most sofas contain petroleum-based polyurethane foam with toxic flame retardant chemicals, formaldehyde releasing frames, leather or fabric with toxic chemical residues or fumes, toxic glues or finish. However, there are companies that make non toxic sofas. Usually, a non-toxic sofa with more non toxic materials will cost more. A non toxic sofa can cost easily over $5000. There are companies that make a non toxic sofa with all non toxic materials and there are also companies that make a sofa with no flame retardant chemicals but also with other materials that are questionable. Obviously, the more non toxic materials a sofa has, the more non toxic it is.  However, $5000+ is not in everyone’s budget. I wanted to show you what options you have in terms of selecting a non toxic sofa. In this post, I have listed companies that have full non toxic material options and also companies that don’t use all non toxic materials but at least make sofas with no flame retardant chemicals.



Non Toxic Sofa Materials

Here is a list of non toxic materials for a non toxic sofa. Ideally, a non toxic sofa will contain only non toxic materials listed below in each part of a sofa.

Frame: Kiln -dried hardwood that is FSC certified

Foam/ fillings: 100% Natural latex foam, cotton or wool batting or down fillings

Glue: Water-based, low VOCs glue

Upholstery: Certified organic cotton, hemp, linen, wool

Wood Finish Such As Legs: Natural oil such as lindseed oil



Non Toxic Sofa Companies With Full Non Toxic Material Options


Savvy Rest – Non Toxic Sofa

Savvy Rest sofas contain no flame retardants, formaldehyde glue, cardboard, metal coils, particle board, plywood , veneer, polyester, polypropylene, polyurethane, toxic stains, dacron batting, feathers or down. All of their sofas contain following materials.

  • Wood: Certified sustainable solid hardwood (maple)
  • Foam/ Fillings: Cradle-to-Cradle Gold certified Natural Talalay latex foam
    Natural coir (coconut fiber with natural latex)
  • Fabric: GOTS-certified organic upholstery (hemp, cotton duck, hemp-cotton blend)
  • Wood Finish: Zero-VOC natural linseed oil, Zero-VOC water-based finish with linseed coating
  • Glue: GreenGuard-certified adhesive
  • Made In: Virginia, USA


You can also choose following options when you buy their sofa.

  • Seat Cushion Firmness: Firm (Solid Talalay), Soft (Solid Talalay), Soft (Shredded Dunlop & Talalay latex)
  • Color/ Fabric: Organic Cotton, Hemp, Hemp and Organic cotton blend
  • Feet Stain: Unfinished, Lindseed Oil, Cedar, Mahogany, Walnut
  • Arm Height: Original (30″) or low (23″)

More Info


Savvy Rest Verona Sofa


$5299 ~$5599



Medley – Non Toxic Sofa

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Medley makes non toxic sofas and you can choose non toxic, organic materials when buying their sofa. Their sofas are made in California and usually takes about 4 weeks. They use no harsh chemicals or flame retardants.


All Medley Sofas are made with

  • Frame: kiln dried hardwood sourced from FSC certified domestic forests.
  • Glue: water based glues with zero VOCs
  • Made In: California, USA


You can choose following options when you buy their sofas.

  • Filling Options: Poly foam cushions, Poly foam with down cushions, Organic natural latex frame & cushion (No flame retardant chemicals, OEKO-tex certified wool wraps the latex and fills the back pillows.)
  • Fabrics: Polyester, polyester blend, 100% natural fibres, organic fibres
  • Leg Style and Materials: Wood, steel and brass

More Info


Medley Mota Apartment Bumper Sectional

This is one of their sectional sofas.

5% Discount Coupon Code : gonewmommy5

$5565 (This price is with organic natural latex frame and cushions, organic linen and organic cotton blend fabric. If you use poly foam instead of organic natural latex, price can be $2995 ~ $3776)


Cisco – Non Toxic Sofa

You can find Cisco sofas at ABC Carpet & Home. ABC Carpet & Home carries sofas from many different manufacturers. Their ABC Home & Planet Pure Collection is non toxic sofas made by Cisco.

  • Frame: FSC (Forest Stewardship Certified) wood frames
  • Fabric: Natural cotton and linen fabrics used to upholster each pieces are hued with low-impact dyes
  • Padding: Made from organic wool or goose feathers & is surrounded by a certified natural latex foam core
  • Glue: Non-Toxic adhesive
  • Made In: California, USA

More Info


Cisco Dream Sofa




Non Toxic Sofa Companies That Don’t Use Flame Retardant Chemicals

These companies below do not use flame retardant chemicals in their sofas since 2015. Their sofas made before 2015 will still contain flame retardants. Although these companies do not use flame retardant chemicals, they may use materials that could be harmful in other parts of a sofa such as foam, frame, upholstery fabric, glue or wood finish. I have listed one of each of these companies’ sofas to show you as an example. I don’t have detailed material information of each sofa yet but I wrote what I have found. I have also emailed these manufacturers regarding detailed materials of these models so I will update this part of the blog soon.


Crate And Barrel – Sofa Without Flame Retardant Chemicals

Crate and Barrel’s sofas do not contain flame retardant chemicals. They use poly foam instead of organic natural latex foam so they are a lot cheaper than the organic sofas listed above. However, the frame of the sofa is kiln dried hardwood and also uses  recycled natural cotton.


Harborside Grande Sofa



  • Frame : Certified sustainable, kiln-dried Harwood
  • Seat Cushions: Soy-based polyfoam seat cushions wrapped in regenerated synthetic fiber and encased in downproof ticking
  • Back cushions: Regenerated synthetic fiber-filled wrapped in downproof ticking
  • Fabric: 100 percent recycled cotton
  • Glue: water based PVA Glue (Crater and Barrel said this glue is completely cured and inert by the time the product is upholstered. PVA is only toxic to ingest, it does not release any harmful fumes)
  • Made in North Carolina, USA of domestic and imported materials



Pottery Barn – Sofa Without Flame Retardant Chemicals

Pottery Barn sofas use kiln dried hardwood for their frames and you can also choose organic fabrics for their sofa. Their cushions are polyester wrapped foam cushions but do not contain flame retardant chemicals.


Beverly Upholstered Grand Sofa


  • Frame: Kiln-dried solidwood
  • Cushions: Polyester-wrapped flame-retardant-free cushions
  • Fabric: Can choose from organic cotton, linen, linen blend, cotton, denim, bushed canvas
  • Legs: Dark wood espresso that is tapered
  • Made in:  America with American and imported materials



West Elm – Sofa Without Flame Retardant Chemicals

West Elm sofas don’t have flame retardant chemicals.


Andes 3 Piece Chaise Sectional

$3117 – $3197

  • Legs: Brass or Pewter legs (Cast metal legs)
  • Fabric: 100% polyester, 70% polyester and 30% acrylic or 78% poly and 22% rayon or fabric made from recycled plastic bottles which is 70% recycled polyester, 30% virgin polyester.
  • Made In: USA


IKEA – Sofa Without Flame Retardant Chemicals

IKEA sofa is a lot cheaper and has no flame retardant chemicals. However, their frame contains engineered wood, cushions cotton polyurethane foam and fabric is blend of natural and synthetic fibers.


Kivik Sectional Sofa



Frame: Fiberboard, Plywood, Particleboard, Solid wood
Seat cushion: Polyurethane foam (cold foam) 2.2 lb/cu.ft., Polyurethane memory foam 3.1 lb/cu.ft, Polyester wadding
Back cushion: Polyester fiber balls
Leg: Polypropylene
Fabric Cover: 55 % cotton, 25 % polyester, 12 % viscose/rayon, 8 % linen



La-Z-Boy – Sofa Without Flame Retardant Chemicals

La-Z-Boy sofas don’t have flame retardant chemicals.

Phoebe Premier Sofa



Made In: USA



Ashely Furniture – Sofa Without Flame Retardant Chemicals

Ashley Furniture sofas don’t have flame retardant chemicals. However, they use poly foam, synthetic fabrics for upholstery and faux wood finish on the legs of the sofa.

Calion Sofa


  • Fabric: 100% Polyester upholstery and pillows with soft polyfill (4 decorative pillows included)
  • Feet Finish: Faux wood finish
  • Foam/ Filling: Foam cushions wrapped in thick poly fiber



Final Thoughts

Different parts of a sofa can release toxic chemicals or have toxic chemical residues. Therefore, if you want to buy a truly non toxic sofa, materials of all parts of a sofa should be looked into. The more non toxic materials are used for a sofa, the more non toxic the sofa will be. However, sofas with full non toxic materials will be a lot more expensive.  If you want a more affordable sofas, you can use natural fabrics instead of organic fabrics or you can even look into sofas that have at least no flame retardant chemicals. Although sofas with at least no flame retardant chemicals have other materials of concern, at least they won’t contain toxic flame retardant chemicals in the sofa. However, if you want a truly non toxic sofa, then consider a sofa from Savvy Rest, Medley and Cisco.



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