Naty And Honest Diaper Review – Naty VS Honest Diapers

I am not associated with Naty or Honest company. I purchased an Naty or Honest Company Diapers on my own after careful research and was not sponsored by Naty or Honest Company to write this review. This review is my honest experience and opinion. This review contains affiliated links. That means I will get a commission if you click the link and buy an item (but at no extra cost to you). Your support helps my work in bringing you useful information about non toxic products. Thank you!

Naty VS Honest Company Diaper Review

Naty VS Honest Company Diaper Review – Which Non Toxic Diaper Is Better?


Like many parents, I wanted to use non toxic diapers for my baby because diapers come in direct contact with the baby’s skin. After researching for non toxic disposable diapers, I have decided that Naty and Honest diapers will be the best for my baby.  (If you want to know how I came to this decision, please read my post ‘Non Toxic Disposable Diapers – Which Disposable Diapers Are Safe?‘)   I have been using Naty and Honest diapers for a while now so I want to share how I feel about them. They are both very good non toxic disposable diapers. However, they are a little different from each other. Which of these non toxic diapers is better?  How non toxic are their materials and how do they perform?  Let’s find out!



Top sheet is an inner lining of a diaper where baby’s skin comes into direct contact with.  Naty diapers use non  woven polypropylene (PP) as many other disposable diapers out there. Polypropylene (PP) is a plastic material which is not biodegradable. However, polypropylene is one of the better plastics than toxic ones. Still it is a petroleum-based material.

Honest, on the other hand, uses plant-based PLA. Plant-based PLA is created from                                                                                   molecules from corn instead of molecules from petroleum. They use mixture of GMO and Non-GMO corn. They claim although some GMO corn is used, none of the GMO attributes exist in the final product. Their materials are also tested/ certified by GeneScan Inc which is recognized by government. Honest Company feels plant-based (even genetically modified) is preferable to petroleum-based.


Which diaper is better?  – Naty VS Honest Diapers

I feel that for the top sheet, Honest has a better material. I do not like that Honest Company uses some GMO corn along with non GMO corn. However, since the final product doesn’t have GMO attributes at all and the final product is tested and certified, I do feel their plant-based PLA is better than petroleum-based material.



FRAGRANCE – Naty VS Honest Diapers


Naty and Honest Company both do not use fragrance in their diapers. Fragrance contains tons of unknown chemicals as its ingredients. Manufacturers are not required to list fragrance ingredients in the product under the law since fragrance can be a ‘trade secret’. Therefore, we would not know any harmful chemicals used in the fragrance. Phthalate is one of the ingredients commonly used for fragrance. Phthalates are possible human carcinogens and endocrine disruptors.

Both diapers also don’t have lotion on the diapers. Lotion can contain phthalates and it can also be  contaminated with 1,4-dioxane. 1,4-dioxane is a potential human carcinogen.

Honest Company uses Citrus Extract & Liquid Chlorophyll as naturally derived odor blockers in their diapers.  Both Citrus extract and Chlorophyll are safe.


Which diaper is better? – Naty VS Honest Diapers

Since both Naty and Honest Company don’t use fragrance and lotion, both diapers are good.





Center or absorbent core is where liquid is absorbed and keep the liquid in the diaper. Almost all disposable diapers use SAP (Super Absorbent Polymer, aka Sodium Polyacrylate) for that function.

Naty diapers use Polylactic acid (PLA), plant based plastic for the layer immediately under the top sheet of the diaper (a leakage barrier). It is made of GMO-free corn starch plastic.  In order to help with absortion and distribution of liquid, there are totally chlorine-free (TCF) pulp. Naty diapers also use small amount of SAP for more absorption.

Honest Company uses bio-based wheat polymer blended with sodium polyacrylate (SAP). It also contains totally chlorine-free (TCF) wood pulp from sustainably managed forests.


Which diaper is better? – Naty VS Honest Diapers

Naty and Honest diapers both have SAP (Super Absorbent Polymer, aka Sodium Polyacrylate) and totally chorine-free wood pulp in the absorbent core. Both diapers do not use chlorine in their wood pulp so they are both good.

However, in my experience with these diapers, I found that Honest diapers had a better absorption than Naty.  Maybe it’s because Naty diapers use small amount of SAP. I feel it does not have the same absorption level. Honest diapers lasted longer without changing the diaper. When I didn’t change a diaper for more than 2 hrs with a Naty diaper, sometimes the diaper leaked.(if my daughter drank a lot of water).

SAP hasn’t been proved that it is toxic or dangerous but it is non -biodegradable. Some people do not like SAP (Super Absorbent Polymer, aka Sodium Polyacrylate) so Naty diapers may be a better trade-off for less SAP in the diaper. However, some people may like Honest diapers better since it lasts longer than Naty diapers.


Naty VS Honest Diaper Review - Honest Company Diaper Review

Naty VS Honest Diaper Review – Honest Company Diapers absorb liquid well and last long.



CHLORINE & DIOXINS – Naty VS Honest Diapers

Both Naty and Honest diapers do not use chlorine in their wood pulp part of the diaper. Most conventional diapers bleach wood pulp with chlorine. When the wood pulp is bleached with chlorine, dioxins are formed. Dioxins are carcinogens  so they should be avoided. Instead of chlorine-bleached wood pulp, Naty and Honest diapers use FSC-certified, totally chlorine-free (TCF), unbleached wood pulp.


Which diaper is better? – Naty VS Honest Diapers

Both Naty and Honest diapers do not use chlorine so they are both good.



DYES – Naty VS Honest Diapers

Colored patterns on the outer shell are input by inks or dyes. Petroleum-based ink or dyes contain heavy metals which can cause allergic reactions in some babies.  Naty diapers are free of dyes. You will see that Naty diapers have minimal patterns and colors. It is slightly off- white as well (no bleach or dye). Honest diapers, on the other hand, use ink. Their diapers have many different colors and patterns for parents to choose from. They are printed with ink that is free of heavy metals.


Which diaper is better? – Naty VS Honest Diapers

I feel they are both safe since Naty diapers doesn’t use any dyes and Honest diapers use ink that is free of heavy metals. However, if I have to pick between the two, I really like Naty diapers. Since they don’t use any dyes, they are more natural. Naty diapers have minimal patterns and colors that feel really natural.


Naty VS Honest Diaper Review - Naty Diapers Review

Naty VS Honest Diaper Review – Naty Diapers has simple patterns and very non toxic feel.




Naty diapers’ outer tissue is made of FSC approved TCF (Totally chlorine free) wood pulp. Honest company diapers use plant-based outer layer.


Which diaper is better? – Naty VS Honest Diapers

Both of their materials for back sheet are non toxic. Therefore, they are both good.



Final Thoughts

Both Naty and Honest diapers are free of fragrance, phthalates, lotions, heavy metals, dioxins, VOCs. Naty diapers also use GMO free corn based materials. They are both excellent non-toxic disposable diapers.  In many categories I listed above, they both came out tied. Overall if I have to pick, I feel Naty diapers are a little more natural in the materials using no dyes, less SAP, GMO free corn materials. The only thing I wish it was better as far as material-wise, is the top sheet which is made of petroleum-based material. Honest diaper materials are very good too. However, I just feel Naty’s materials are a little better. Honest diapers do use heavy metal free inks for their colourful patterns and colors. However, I just feel less patterns or colors are more natural. Their diapers absorb and keep liquid better than Naty diapers but they have more SAP in them which is not bio degradable.  They don’t use petroleum material in their top sheet as Naty diapers do so I do feel Honest is a winner in this category.  However, they still use some GMO corns so I don’t 100% like about it. (although final product does not have GMO attributes) Therefore, overall, I feel Naty diapers are a little more non toxic.

However, in everyday use, I prefer Honest diapers more than Naty diapers. Honest diapers lasts longer and don’t leak at all whereas I experienced leaking with Naty diapers a few times.  Naty diapers are also a slightly smaller than Honest diapers. For the same size diapers, Naty diapers feel tighter on my baby.  Therefore, I use more Honest diapers than Naty diapers for my baby. They feel more comfortable and convenient. Honest diaper materials are similar to materials in Naty diapers anyway with a few differences. So at the end, although, I am a Naty diapers fan, Honest diapers are the winner for me.


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