Indoor Garden – Grow Pesticide-Free, Organic Vegetables With OGarden Smart At Home

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Indoor Garden - OGarden Smart

Indoor Garden – O Garden Smart is a smart indoor garden in your kitchen or anywhere in your house.


*This post is a Part 2 of Indoor Garden series.  For Part 1 of Indoor Garden series, please click here. 

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More people grow food at home nowadays either at home or in a community garden.  Indoor gardening has become easier more than ever. Hydroponic, vertical, smart indoor gardening allows you to enjoy growing fresh, organic vegetable, herbs and fruits without a yard, a porch or a community garden.  You don’t need a lot of space to get farm-fresh, homegrown produce.  In  Part 1 of indoor gardening I posted, I introduced an AeroGarden indoor garden kit.  The AeroGarden indoor garden kit can be great for growing vegetables or herbs in a small scale or if you want to try out how indoor gardening is like.  Actually, they carry a bigger family farming size garden which can accommodate up to 24 plants.  However, what if you want more variety of vegetables or fruits?  When I came across the OGarden Smart indoor gardening system, I knew this was what I wanted.  I was so excited to find out about this smart indoor garden that you can grow organic, fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs right at home all year around.  OGarden Smart is the best smart indoor garden that I came across.  In this post, I want to share with you this eco-friendly, low maintenance device that can offer you pesticide-free, organic vegetables, herbs and fruits. 



What is an OGarden Smart?

OGarden Smart is an indoor gardening system for growing vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers.   Plants are grown hydroponically.  Hydroponic systems grow vegetables, fruits and flowers with LED lights.  Automatic watering and lighting plants can be set up so that growing plants this way requires very low maintenance. The water level sensors will let you know on the screen that you should fill the water tank.  Plants don’t need any pesticides or herbicides with this system.  Therefore, plants grow in a 100% organic environment.   You can grow fresh vegetables and fruits 365 days of the year. The OGarden is quiet, does not smell and does not increase moisture levels in the room. 




How OGarden Smart Is Different From Other Indoor Garden Kits

There are other smart indoor garden kits available.  However, most of them come in smaller sizes.  Therefore, the amount of vegetables and fruits you can get from the small indoor garden kit is not much and also lack the space for variety of vegetables and fruits.  With the OGarden Smart, you can grow up to 90 plants at once.  The wheel rotates and gives each plant the right amount of water from its water reservoir.  With its rotating wheel, you can create 30-30-30 plant rotation so that you can get vegetables and fruits all year around.  You can time having 30 plants sprouting in the bottom cabinet, 30 plants growing and 30 plants ready for harvesting in the wheel.  In this way, you can have plants available for harvesting all the time and you don’t have to harvest plants all at once and waste them when you don’t need them.  All you have to do is set them up and refill the water reservoir once a week.  

Size: 29 inches. / 73.66 cm. wide, for 53 inches. / 134.60 cm. high and 15 inches. / 38.1 cm. deep

Weight:  An empty OGarden weights 60 lbs. / 27.20 kg. Depending on vegetables, the weight can go up to 100lbs. 






3 Easy Steps To Grow Plants

  • First, you place the seeds in the 30 dry capsules.  You can place 1-3 seeds in each capsule depending on the type of seeds. The culture cups are a mixture of potting soil and certified organic compact fertilizer, in a biodegradable fabric membrane.  They already contain substrate and fertilizer for plants’ growth.  Then arrange the seeded dry capsules on the tray in the lower cabinet. Then, fill the water tank and press ‘start’.  You can use your own seeds or you can purchase organic seeds at the OGarden Smart online store. If you wan to add another luxury feature, you might want to add night intelligent iluminations.


  • Second, when plants are grown for 3-5 weeks (depending on the type of seeds), you can place them in the wheel.  21 days later, the computer will tell you it may be time to transfer plants to the wheel.  You can transfer earlier or later depending on the plant species but it is good to transfer when plants are 5 to 6 inches tall.   After transferring, you can press ‘start’ to start the wheel program.  The light will turn on and watering will be done automatically.





  • When plants are ready for harvest, enjoy farm-fresh, pesticide-free, organic vegetables, fruits or herbs!



What Are The Benefits Of Indoor Gardening?

I have already mentioned many benefits of indoor gardening in Part 1 of the Indoor gardening series.  As I mentioned more in detail in that post, indoor gardening (hydroponic gardening) is environmentally friendly.  By growing your own vegetables and fruits at home, you reduce pollution created from growing vegetables and fruits such as using pesticides or herbicides as well as processing, transporting, storing vegetables and fruits.  You don’t need large land, fertilizing the land and waste water.  You can also be sure that your vegetables and fruits are grown organically without any pesticides or herbicides.  Fruits and vegetables you get from OGarden is fresh, you can just eat them when you harvest them.  They don’t go through a long process of being packaged, transported and stored.  You can conveniently get vegetables and fruits right at your home without physically going to the grocery store.  You only harvest what you need so you don’t have to store them in the fridge and can avoid wasting them when you don’t use them.  Hydroponically grown vegetables taste similar to vegetables grown in land. They have similar nutritional value overall as well.  According to Ogarden kickstarter page, you can save up to 80% of your produce costs by growing vegetables or fruits at home.  When buying vegetables can cost about $200 at a grocery store, it may only cost about $40.50 growing vegetables at home. 



How Much Energy Does LED Lighting Consume?

LED light has a life of approximately 50,000 hours (16 hours a day is about 8 years).   The OGarden Smart consumes 120 W in total when the lights are on, and 10 W when they are off.  (A microwave uses about 1000 watts of power.)  It reduces the space needed for 90 plants in a greenhouse and also reduces electricity consumption. 


OGarden Smart

OGarden Smart comes in two colors: White and Black.

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OGarden Smart White

White is very popular so they often have limited stock in this color.

More Info

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OGarden Smart Black

Black is also popular.  However, it seems the black color ones are more available than white ones. Sometimes, they offer a discount in this color.

More Info

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Cups of Soil

A cultured soil cup is packed with a biodegradable and compostable protective film.   Each culture cup contains all the substrate and fertilizer necessary for the growth of your fruits, vegetables and herbs until they mature.  The substrate and fertilizer are 100% organic.  Organic fertilizer is slowly released. 

You can purchase 90, 180, 360 of these cultured capsules at once. 

More Info











OGarden Deluxe Kit


2 x 90 cups of soil

1 bag of Mixed bean – Organic

1 bag of Capucine Jewel – Organic

1 bag of Mixed lettuce – Organic

1 bag of Rainbow mix Swiss chard – Organic

1 bag of Chinese cabbage pak-choï Shanghai – Organic

1 bag of Ring of Fire Cayenne Pepper – Organic

1 bag of Chinese cabbage Tatsoi – Organic

1 bag of Lemon balm – Organic

More Info












OGarden Organic Seeds

OGarden carries 24 different types of choices of vegetables, fruits, herbs and a flowering plant’s organic seeds. Choices include strawberries, cherry tomatoes, string beans, kale, basil, lettuce, green onion, cayenne pepper, pak choy, capucine jewel, etc. 

More Info










Final Thoughts

I really like the idea of hydroponic, vertical, indoor gardening because although it’s a small step, the movement of these gardening and farming can contribute better to our environment.  We can help save space, eliminate fertilizer use in the land, wasting water and getting fresher produce fast without involving transporting, storing, packaging, processing produce, etc.  Not only growing your own food offers many benefits such as getting fresh, organic foods at a lower cost, but also ensures that your food is pesticide free and organic.  Indoor Garden systems also offers many benefits compared to traditional gardening such as low maintenance, being able to harvest all year around, plants not affected by weather, etc.  On top of that, I can just go to OGarden Smart device and harvest veggies for dinner right away.  I think my daughter will also have fun harvesting veggies.  OGarden Smart will be our own farm at home growing organic vegetables with the ability to grow them easily.  Now I am really ready to start gardening at home. 


*This post is a Part 2 of Indoor Garden series.  For Part 1 of Indoor Garden series, please click here. 

OGarden Smart 10% Discount coupon code for Go New Mommy readers: gonewmommy




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