Non Toxic Halloween- Non Toxic Kids Halloween Costumes, Trick Or Treat Bags, Face Paints


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Non Toxic Halloween For Kids

Non Toxic Halloween For Kids – Non Toxic Kids Halloween Costumes, Trick Or Treat Bags, Pyjamas, Shirts, and Face Paints


It’s Halloween again soon!  Halloween is one of my daughter’s favorite holidays!  As much as Halloween can be fun, some Halloween costumes, trick or treat bags and even Halloween face paints can be toxic.  However, it’s easy to just buy halloween stuffs without checking their materials or ingredients.  After all, many halloween products are made for kids and they must be safe?  Not always.  In this post, I share with you how halloween stuff can be toxic and what non toxic halloween costumes, trick or treat bags or Halloween face paints are available. 



How Halloween Costumes, Trick Or Treat Bags, Halloween Face Paints Can Be Toxic


Halloween Costumes, Halloween Decorations, or Halloween Trick or Treat Bags tested Halloween products including costumes, accessories, decorations and party favors for chemicals.  They found harmful chemicals including lead, flame retardants, tin compounds and phthalates which can lead to asthma, reproductive problems, developmental and learning disabilities, hormone problems and cancer.  Out of 106 tested Halloween products, 32 of them had polyvinyl chloride (PVC or vinyl) parts.  They also found phthalates in 17 of the vinyl products.  (2 of the phthalates were phthalates banned by the Consumer Product Safety Commission in children’s products). 5 percent of all products had lead exceeding 100 ppm.  According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there is no level of exposure to lead that is known to be without harmful effects.  Ten percent of the products had bromine consistent with brominated flame retardants.  Many of these products with bromine also had high levels of antimony which indicates that an antimony-based flame retardant was used.  Thirty-nine percent of the vinyl products had tin at levels indicating organotin stabilizers.  Some of the products with these mentioned harmful chemicals were purchased at stores like Walmart, Walgreen’s, CVS and Kroger.


What To Avoid:

Do not get any halloween stuff made with vinyl or pvc.  Vinyl or pvc can be used for halloween costumes, halloween decorations, or halloween trick or treat bags.  PVC is the worst type of plastic which is made of toxic chemicals and also emits volatile organic compounds in the air your child breathes.  Also, phthalates are most commonly used plasticizers for PVC.  Although phthalates are banned in children’s toys, they were still found in some products when tested.  The best way to avoid phthalates as well as harmful chemicals including carcinogens used in PVC, avoid a PVC material at all times.  

In addition, some Halloween costumes may have been treated with flame retardant chemicals.  Brominated flame retardants can cause increased risk of cancer, lower I.Q. and possibly behavioral problems in young children, including hyperactivity, aggression and bullying.  In the 2014 study done by, Disney-themed trick-or-treat bags purchased at Kroger contained 28,000 ppm and 6,000 ppm bromine.  Also, Halloween light sets purchased at Walgreen’s and CVS had about the same high amounts of bromine.  If a halloween costume says it is flame resistant, there is a good chance that flame retardant chemicals are used. 


Face Paint or Makeup Products

Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and Breast Cancer Prevention Partners tested face paints and cosmetics marketed to kids and 50 percent of 187 products products has at least one ingredient or contaminant that can lead to developmental delays, hormone disruption, learning difficulties and cancer.  Toxic ingredients found in these face paints and cosmetics include lead, formaldehyde, cadmium, styrene, benzene and toluene.  They tested 48 Halloween face paints for the presence of heavy metals such as arsenic, cadmium, chromium, lead and mercury.  21 items which were about 50% had trace amounts of at least one heavy metal.  They reported that some products contained as many as 4 metals.  They also found lead in nearly 20% of the Halloween face paints tested.  About 30% of Halloween face paints had cadmium.

The also reported that kids face paint or make-up can contain harmful chemicals such as heavy metals including arsenic, cadmium, mercury and lead.  These harmful chemicals can be listed under different names as follows: lead might be listed as “kohl,” “kajal” or “surma,” and mercury might be called “mercurous chloride,” “calomel,” “mercuric” or “mercurio.”  Some cosmetics also contain talc as an ingredient.  Asbestos which can cause cancer and mesothelioma can be contaminated with talc.  A 2018 study found asbestos in Claire’s makeup which was a brand mainly marketed to children.  FDA’s 2019 study also found asbestos in 9 out of 52 products (1 in 5 products). 


What To Avoid: 

Check ingredients before buying kids’ face paint or makeup products.  Avoide arsenic, cadmium, mercury lead  and talc (which also could be listed as “kohl,” “kajal” or “surma,” “mercurous chloride,” “calomel,” “mercuric” or “mercurio.”).  Many face paints or makeups also may contain artificial colors.  Some artificial colors can be harmful.  Choose a face paint with certified organic ingredients and natural pigments.

*Read what to avoid in Kids make up at my previous post, ‘Non Toxic Kids Makeup – Which Non Toxic Kids Makeup Is Really Non Toxic?


Kids Jewelry

Some cheap kids jewelry can have heavy metals such as lead and cadmium.  Health Canada said they found cadmium in excess of allowable limits on kids unicorn necklaces.  This necklace was sold on and about 1,300 of them were sold between July 2018 and March 2021.  Health Canada also found lead and cadmium in excess of allowable limits in girls’ necklaces and matching bracelets with button and bird charm pendants.  About 720 were sold in Canada between February 2015 and this January.  Both items were recalled.  Minimize children wearing cheap jewelry.  Since we can’t tell what heavy metals exist on kids jewelry, minimize jewelry wearing for children or get jewelry made of gold or silver.  Some metal jewelries can also contain nickel and some people may be allergic to nickel. 



Non Toxic Halloween Costumes

Here are Halloween costumes for kids made with silk, cotton or organic cotton.


Sarah’s Silk

Sarah’s Silk products are made of real silk.



More Info

*See other dress up products by Sarah’s Silk here


Primary Do It Yourself Halloween Costumes


Primary has hundreds of DIY Halloween Costume ideas using their cotton or organic cotton clothing. 

Get 20% off your first order at with code AFF20PCT 

More Info




joretta All Natural Children’s Clothing and Accessories

joretta All Natural Children’s Clothing and Accessories products are made of all natural or organic materials.

More Info








PuludesignCo Organic Cotton Fox Costume

PuludesignCo halloween costumes are made of non toxic materials such as organic cotton, cotton, wool, organic fleece, fleece, organic plush, plush, undyed cotton or plant dyed cotton fabric.

More Info








BandOfTheWildShop Halloween Costume

Band of the Wild makes halloween costumes are made of 95% Cotton / 5% Spandex.

More Info










PinkMouseKids Halloween Costume

Pink Mouse Kids makes halloween costumes that are made of cotton.

More Info








Scoots Kids Scrubs


Scoots Kids Scrubs are made of 100% cotton.

Check out other colors or styles for Scoots Kid Scrubs.








Prextex Child’s Halloween Doctor Dress up Surgeon Costume Set and Accessories


Prextex halloween doctor dress up surgeon costume set and accessories is made of 100% cotton.

More Info











Cuckoo Kids Sonic the hedgehog costume


Cuckoo Kids Sonic the hedgehog costume is made of 100% Cotton.

More Info











ReliBeauty Children Firefighter Role Play Fireman Costume for Kids


ReliBeauty Fireman Costume is made of 100% cotton.

More Info










Justice League Child’s Supergirl 100% Cotton T-Shirt


Justice League halloween t-shirts are made of 100% Cotton (cape part is polyester.)









Non Toxic Halloween Pyjamas


Burt’s Bees Baby Pyjamas

Burt’s Bees Baby pyjamas are award winning, GOTS certified, and breathable.  They are made with organic cotton.





More info









Non Toxic Halloween Shirts

Here are some Halloween shirts for kids which are made of organic cotton or 100% cotton. 


Walking Canvas Tees Organic Cotton Halloween Tee


Walking Canvas Tee is made of organic cotton.


More Info






Tubs Togs Organic Cotton Halloween Shirt



Tubs Togs halloween shirt is made of organic cotton. 

More Info







Saucetribe Organic Cotton Pumpkin Tshirt


Saucetribe pumpkin Tshirt is made of organic cotton.

More Info









97DesignCompany Halloween Shirt


97DesignCompany halloween shirt is made of organic cotton.

More Info








Carter’s Simple Joys Halloween Long-Sleeve Tees


Carter’s Simple Joys halloween long-sleeve tees are made of 100% cotton.

More Info








Unique Baby Unisex Halloween Pumpkin Shirt


Unique Baby unisex halloween pumpkin shirt is made of 97% soft cotton and 3% stretchy spandex.

More Info








YASMERCH Halloween Pumpkin Shirt


YASMERCH halloween pumpkin shirts are made of cotton.

More Info







Non Toxic Halloween Trick Or Treat Bag

Here are Halloween bags for kids made of 100% cotton or linen.


Hazy Days Creations Halloween Trick or Treat Bag


Hazy Days Creations halloween trick or treat bags are made of 100% cotton.

More Info







Partay Shenanigans Halloween Tote Sacks


Partay Shenanigans Halloween Tote Sacks are made of 100% cotton.

More Info










DECORA Burlap Gift Bags with Double Jute Drawstrings Candy Pouch Halloween Treat Bags


DECORA Burlap halloween gift bags are 100 % linen.

More Info








DatingDay 4Pack Multicolor Bulk Halloween Tote Bag


DatingDay 4Pack Multicolor Bulk Halloween Tote Bag is made of linen.

More Info









CCINEE 36pcs Burlap Halloween Party Bags Novelty Linen Jute Bags


CCINEE 36pcs Burlap Halloween Party Bags are made of linen.

More Info









Non Toxic Halloween Face Paint

Here are Halloween face paints made with certified organic ingredients.


Natural Earth Paint Natural Face Paint Kit


Natural Earth Paint Natural Face Paint is made with certified organic ingredients & mineral pigments. 

There are no nano particles, heavy metals, parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, petroleum-based pigments and animal products.

More Info



Go Green Certified Organic Face Paint



Go Green organic face paint is certified organic. They are also safe for kids with any allergies.

More Info


Non Toxic Kids Make Up

*For more non toxic kids make up products, please read my previous post, ‘Non Toxic Kids Makeup – Which Non Toxic Kids Makeup Is Really Non Toxic?


Final Thoughts

Halloween is such an exciting time for kids and parents.  Although it may not be easy to find all of your Halloween stuff with non toxic materials, be mindful that some materials can put our kids at risk of exposure to toxic chemicals.  You may minimize the risk of harmful materials or ingredients by choosing natural or organic materials or ingredients.  Although it may not be perfect, hope this post help you find non toxic Halloween costumes, trick or treat bags, face paints, halloween pyjamas or shirts for your child.





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