Go New Mommy

With my baby Isla and fur baby Romeo <3

Hello, I am Isabelle! I am a mom to a fur baby, Romeo and also to a baby girl, Isla. Baby Isla is my first baby and I had to learn everything from the beginning about being a mom. Preparing for a baby from baby registry to baby nursery, I was overwhelmed with so many products and things I had to get. Not only that, I sure didn’t know so many products can be toxic to a baby.

Now that my baby is growing bigger, I want to share my experiences and research with new moms. I hope my posts about non-toxic products help you and your baby. Furthermore, I hope my posts contribute to the movement towards sustainable environment using biodegradable, non-toxic ingredients so that we can together preserve and save our natural environment.  In addition, I am joining the fight against animal testing across the world by writing and promoting cruelty-free products.  I really wish my posts can help helpless animals locked in the cage somewhere being tortured.

This site provides product recommendations & reviews coming from real mom who continues going through happy moments and challenging times in motherhood. Motherhood is not easy but so much rewarding and I want to cheer all new mommies! Go New Mommy!

P.S.: Please keep in mind regardless of my product recommendations and reviews, every baby and everyone is different and it may not be suitable for your family. Also, you may think you have found the perfect product but your baby may not like it at all. Every baby has different preferences, personalities, strengths and needs. I am writing from experiences of what has worked for my family, also with insights gained from talking to other parents, and information gathered from researching non toxic, organic products.

go new mommy